Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat
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 제조회사 Tonic Studios
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Large grid for accurate measurements.
This 24x14.5x.5 inch package contains one 14x23 inch glass mat with 12x14 inch measuring grid area, 7.5x11 inch mixing palette area and 7.5x11 inch removable non-stick mat with heat resistant surface.
CAUTION: This product is made from tempered glass and is to be used for cutting surface only. Do not drop or hammer directly onto the glass surface.


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(7.5x11 inch)

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"Media Scraper'
- For removing material from non-stick media mat.
- Kushgrip ergonomic handle for comfort.
- Durable polymer for increased wear.


"Media Edge"

- 14” edge aligns with Tim Holtz Media Mat for steady use.
- Includes a metal edge for cutting and a tapered edge for drawing.
- Clear polycarbonate for durability.


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